Our Story


Veritas was born out of a desire to see a gospel-centered church community exist in Columbus. In the winter
of 2007, church planters arrived in Columbus and began to meet with a handful of friends to pray
and plan about starting Veritas. God provided friends and leaders to journey through planting a church. Those church planters dreamed big, faced disappointments, and enjoyed times of great encouragement. In the midst of it all, God continued to affirm that their hope of beginning Veritas was aligned with His.


October 5th, 2008 Veritas officially launched gatherings in an old church building on Neil Ave and Fourth
Ave. The leaders prayed, toiled, and thankfully some people joined the family. God multiplied Veritas from a handful to a city-full. Veritas partnered with others to plant churches locally and internationally, raised up  elders, deacons, and members, and saw the mission expand from the Short North neighborhood to greater Columbus and abroad.


In 2012, Veritas launched a second congregation, Veritas Tri-Village, now named Tri-City. While the congregation began in the Upper Arlington area, the search for Tri-City to have a permanent location started in 2017. Not only were we outgrowing the space, but the restraints that came with a mobile setup prevented us from doing the kinds of neighborhood-focused ministries we longed to see. The old Hilliard Library on Cemetery Rd was a God-
send, accessible to people in Hilliard, Upper Arlington, Dublin and other areas of Columbus where many Tri- City people already lived. The building enabled us to anchor ourselves in the community where we hope to reach people across socio-economic and ethnic lines.


As God was growing Veritas Short North and Veritas Tri-City, a core group of eastside commuters formed a core team to launch Veritas East on January 4th, 2015. But after three years of public ministry on the east
side, Veritas came to terms with the discontinuation
of Veritas East as a congregation. Even though the east congregation didn’t take shape as Veritas intended, God’s transformational works were undeniable as people found new life in Christ and were baptized. In the meantime, Veritas developed partnerships and relationships with other churches and ministries on the eastside.


At the same time a powerful partnership formed with
a church formerly called Refuge Church in Grove
City. Refuge Church merged with Veritas under the leadership of Wes Thompson and moved into the Hilltop neighborhood. Veritas West launched launched January 4th, 2015. 


Since 2008, Veritas went from a few people to over a thousand people across three congregations. Our hope and prayer since the beginning has not changed--we still desire to be transformed by the gospel to transform our city and the world with the gospel!

Be a part of our story

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together at 10am. 
Sundays at 10am
345 E Second Ave
Sundays at 10am
4772 Cemetery Rd
Sundays at 10am
12 S Terrace Ave